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GroupMe to SecondLife

Published onMay 24, 2020
GroupMe to SecondLife

Second Life is used for synchronous communication, but it is not an ideal platform for arranging to meet there. Supposedly, Second Life has some ways to manage this problem,1 but I have not gotten them to work well. Therefore, if you want to discuss something on Second Life that is not scheduled in advance, you have two options:

  • See if one or more group members are logged into Second Life (with the group activated) and, if so, are willing and able to discuss.

  • Use the course’s GroupMe group to arrange for one or more classmates to log into Second Life to discuss the matter with you.

Do not use the course’s GroupMe group to pose (and answer) other questions. I know you will be tempted to do otherwise, so here is why I make that request: (1) to prevent clogging the group chat with messages that are not of general use; and, (2) if the question is of general use, you should pose it on the Forum, instead.

How To Use the Course’s GroupMe Group

Do this ASAP so you can see the group’s messages:

To request a meeting in Second Life:

  • If you have a question: Write a message that describes what you want to discuss, with a screenshot of the issue (if you have one).

  • If you have the answer: Write when you are willing and able to meet.

  • So that you can find each other in Second Life, and in case someone else wants to join: Write your Second Life profile name and agree on a time and place to meet, providing a SLurl.

Note that course groups are currently “open”, not “closed”, but this will be changed if it proves necessary. If it does, you will be notified and the first set of instructions, above, will be accordingly changed.

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